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ER Announces Microgrid Project

The Masonic Charity Foundation of New Jersey has appointed New Jersey based energy management and combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G Rudox Inc., in conjunction with alternative energy specialists, Blue Sky Power and MCFA Global, to design, engineer, construct, and finance a campus-wide microgrid for its senior care facility in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

The multi-million dollar energy infrastructure improvements to the 450 acre campus will include the installation of two highly efficient 249 kW natural gas ENER-G Rudox CHP systems that will provide heat and electricity for the facility.  Additionally, ENER-G Rudox will perform comprehensive lighting and boiler plant upgrades to reduce the facility’s current energy profile.

The CHP system will be integrated with the facility’s existing 1.16 MW solar PV field and 1.5 MW standby diesel generator, enabling 100% operational capability in the event of a grid outage.

The upgrades will reduce the facility’s carbon footprint by approximately 452 metric tons per year, the equivalent benefit of negating more than one million miles driven by the average car.

The project started in Nov. 2014 and is slated for completion in August 2015.

The project will be financed using ENER-G Rudox’s ‘Energy Services Agreement.’  Under this arrangement, the Masonic Charity Foundation will be responsible for $0 in up-front investment capital, and will receive a guaranteed minimum savings of $209,000 per year over the 20-year contract term.

“Assisted living and senior care facilities are often excellent candidates for distributed generation technologies due to their operating profiles and infrastructure requirements.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we’ve seen an increased interest in improving resiliency in these facilities,” said ENER-G Rudox President Ryan Goodman.  “However, many facility managers are unaware of the fact that they can improve resiliency while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint and saving money.  The Masonic Charity Foundation project illustrates this capability, and will enable the facility to remain on the cutting edge of their industry.”

The economic benefits of CHP are derived from their improved efficiency in comparison to traditional utility grade power plants.  While the typical plant is 35% efficient and loses an additional 1-2% in transmission, on-site CHP technologies can reach efficiencies of over 85% by reusing the waste heat that is a natural by-product of electric generation.  In addition, lucrative incentives are available in New Jersey and many other states to help offset the cost of CHP projects.  The Masonic Charity Foundation received a $996,000.00 grant from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for execution of this project.

“It takes a forward thinking executive team to accomplish a project of this magnitude, and we would like to thank the Masonic Charity Foundation of New Jersey and Ashlar Creative Solutions for their contributions throughout this process.” said Goodman.  “In addition, the staff at PSE&G, TRC, and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities all played a critical role in making this project happen and showed exactly why New Jersey is a national leader in alternative energy adoption.  We would also like to thank our partners at Blue Sky Power and MCFA Global, who continue to set themselves apart in their ability to facilitate and execute these types of projects.”

For more information on this project, or to have a free CHP feasibility study performed for your building, please contact ENER-G Rudox at:

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ER CHP Project Receives $400K Grant

ENER-G Rudox, Inc. will receive a $400,000 ACE Program grant for the installation of a 160 kW combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) system at the Simpson House Retirement Community located in the City of Philadelphia.  In addition the $3,407,345 project will include upgrades to the electrical infrastructure, replacement of inefficient and outdated boilers, the addition of an absorption chiller, retrofitting of lighting fixtures and integration of a building energy management system. 

“The Corbett Administration recognizes the importance of expanding our investments in the energy sector as we continue to make Pennsylvania a leader in the field,” said Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary C. Alan Walker. “Our investments in alternative and clean energy continue to result in a better environment, cost savings for businesses and residents, as well as new jobs for Pennsylvanians.”

You can view the full DCED Press Release here

ER Announces New CHP Project

ENER-G Rudox has partnered with Cathedral Village, a Philadelphia based Continuing Care Retirement Facility, to execute a multi-million dollar energy infrastructure project to include the provision of an ER265UL Cogeneration system. Funded through ENER-G’s “Energy Services Agreement” the project will not require any up-front capital investment by Cathedral Village, and will include extensive HVAC and lighting upgrades throughout the facility. You can read more here