Working With Us

At ENER-G, we recognize that our staff are our most important asset.
They are fundamental to the achievement of our business objectives.

Our aim is to be the employer of choice within our industry. To achieve this, we try to create a culture
that encourages our employees, whatever their role, to perform to the very highest standards. 

We seek to employ people who are motivated to deliver excellence, have a ‘can do’ attitude and who will be
able to work effectively with our existing highly skilled workforce. 

8 good reasons why a career at ENER-G
could be right for you

1. We’re a global company

  • With operations throughout the Americas, UK, Europe and Africa,
    we provide an opportunity to be part of a global company,
    with the chance to travel and work with colleagues from many other
    backgrounds and cultures.

2. We’re renowned in our industry

  • As leaders in many of the markets in which we operate, our
    advanced technologies and range of proven sustainable energy
    solutions help our customers to reduce their carbon emissions and
    energy costs.

3. We have operations across a range of industries and sector

  • We design, develop, operate, maintain and finance energy
    efficient, sustainable and renewable projects on a
    business-to-business basis around the world.  These projects
    include every aspect of energy management, from procurement,
    consultancy, controls and combined heat and power, along with prime
    and stand-by emergency power, and the rental of stand-by power. In
    addition our customers are active in a wide range of private and
    public industry fields.

4. We invest in our people

  • Where there’s people, there’s potential.  With the right
    investment, training, opportunities and responsibility, we aim to
    realize the individual potential of all our staff.  This leads
    to a working environment where excellence, commitment and
    achievement are recognized and rewarded. 

5. We have a culture of excellence

  • We’re proud of our culture and our approach to business is
    characterized by our values: integrity, people, customers and

6. We provide complex challenges

  • We offer a challenging and stimulating business environment.
     With extensive opportunities to work on projects that may be
    technically and logistically complex, our employees are able to
    utilize their technical expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to
    deliver the highest quality product and service for our

7. We put our customers first

  • Exceeding the expectations of our customers and providing a
    customized service to meet their business requirements, has been,
    and will remain, one of the driving forces behind our success. 

8. We are small enough and big enough

  • We are small enough for you to make your mark and really
    contribute, while being big enough to provide support and a wide
    variety of opportunities.