Commercial Laundry Pre-Screen Application

Disclosure Statement: This document is intended to provide ENER-G Rudox (“ER”) with information necessary to evaluate the high level feasibility of an Energy Investment Program partnership with the submitting organization (the “Applicant”, collectively the “Parties”). Information provided by the Applicant herein will not be shared with any outside/third-party organizations without the expressed, written consent of the Applicant. Submission of this document is for informational purposes only and does not represent further commitment of any kind by either party. 

Contact Information 

Company Name

Contact Name

Contact Email

Primary Phone Number

Facility Address

Existing Rates and Consumption 

Pounds delivered per month (average)

Current Electric Rate ($/kwh)

Current Annual Gas Consumption (therms)

* For both electric and gas rates, please include both supply and distribution charges. These are typically included on the same utility bill, unless the facility is utilizing a third party supplier. 

Annual City Water Consumption (gallons)

Is the facility currently engaged in any term utility contracts with gas and/or electric companies?
If so, please briefly describe.

Facility Operating Profile

Facility Operating Profile (hours/day)

Facility Operating Profile (days/week)

Are there any seasonal aspects to the existing business? Does lbs/week delivered vary greatly across seasons? If so, please briefly explain.

Existing Infrastructure and Design

How many incoming electric service entrances does the facility have?

*Typically, the number of service entrances is equal to the number of electric meters at the facility. When you receive a monthly utility electric bill, you will receive a separate breakdown for each meter.  If you have more than one active meter, please annotate above. 

Typical wash temperature?

Do you currently utilize hot water storage tanks on site?

Are dryers currently direct gas fired? If not, please describe current set up.

Are there any special sound attenuation issues on your property? Our standard equipment is rated 70 DbA @ 25 ft (about the same as a residential air conditioning unit)

Are there any special air quality environmental problems that apply specifically to your facility and/or location?

Does the facility currently have a building energy management system (BEMS) in place? Is equipment energy use monitored at the unit level?

Additional information

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