Cogeneration (CHP) is a well-proven technology, recognized worldwide as a cleaner alternative to traditional centralized generation. Its long-term future in the global energy markets is secured by CHP’s ability to provide a multitude of financial, operational, environmental and legislative benefits from a single unit of fuel.

Financial Benefits: 

  • Reduced primary energy costs 
  • Zero capital outlay options available
  • Stabilized electricity costs over a fixed period
  • Reduced investment surrounding plant e.g. boilers
  • Eligibility for Enhanced Capital Allowances 
  • Potential ROC eligibility (Biogas, Liquid Biofuel)
  • Potential benefits from Renewable Heat Incentives
  • Sufficient savings to fund energy efficient measures

Operational Benefits:

  • Reduced base load electricity supply
  • Additional security of supply
  • Increased diversity on heating and hot water
  • Steam raising capabilities on larger units
  • Choice of multiple fuels
  • Cooling provision using absorption chillers

Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduced primary energy use
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Helps with carbon legislation compliance
  • Reduced transmission losses from the grid
  • Lower SOx emissions with the use of natural gas as a fuel  

Legislative Benefits:

  • Helps meet the EPA targets