CHP Services

ENER-G Rudox offers cradle to grave CHP services designed to ease the conversion process for our customers:

High Level Assessment

Our engineering team will conduct an initial, non-invasive assessment of the facility and determine whether CHP is a good fit. 

Engineering and Design

Project management from initial design through commissioning, we’ll utilize our experience & state of the art technology to maximize ROI.


By manufacturing, assembling, and testing in our northern New Jersey facility, we ensure delivery of the optimal solution on time.


Our engineers work with the client, their architects and M & E contractors to provide detailed information and specifications that will ensure that the CHP system is fully integrated with the building systems; a senior engineer is appointed to each ENER-G Rudox project, regardless of size.


Each ENER-G Rudox system is monitored 24/7/365 via our proprietary advanced remote system, allowing our team to optimize performance and conduct preventative maintenance.


Our experienced service technicians are available 24/7, and our robust parts department ensures that spares are readily on-hand.


Because we self-finance our projects, we are able to provide simple, straightforward financing options to meet our customers’ needs.