We offer a range of packages to assist with all your operation and maintenance needs. We also take a flexible approach and are able to tailor service packages to suit the installation and customer requirements. 

ENER-G Rudox maintains a large fleet of factory trained mobile service technicians, offering quick response and nationwide coverage. With over 500 operational units under a variety of service arrangements we have the infrastructure in place to provide a first class front line service to your system.

There are a few key attributes that distinguish the ENER-G Rudox team from others: 

Experienced Technicians and Diverse Services

Growing up as a service company, ENER-G Rudox has a veteran workforce with dedicated experience in the power generation industry. All ENER-G Rudox personnel receive a combination of factory and in-house training, allowing us to offer a full spectrum of power generation services. Whether routine service work, engine or generator rebuilds, updating control systems, electrical panels and governors, or potentially difficult intermittent electrical switchgear problems, our team will be able to provide a solution.

24/7 Support

ENER-G Rudox is committed to providing 24/7 emergency service, so anytime you have a problem, you can count on us for a quick response time. Our remote monitoring center, located at our headquarters in Carlstadt, NJ provides around the clock support for our customers. 

Equipment & Facilities

To complement our team, ENER-G Rudox’s facility and equipment is unlike other service companies. We have the largest service facility dedicated to generators in the area, meaning we can service your equipment quickly right here in NJ. We also employ a diverse fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, which allows us to offer both preventative maintenance and emergency services.

System Monitoring

Local and remote monitoring systems are critical to providing strong service and maintenance support. Not only does it help us maintain the systems, but can allows us to catch issues before they become problems. Our engineers have developed proprietary monitoring systems that come standard on all of our systems.



At ENER-G Rudox, we’re constantly looking for feedback and are always looking to improve. We’d love to hear from you. 

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