Standby Power

For over 60 years, we’ve been providing the best power generation options for our customers. We offer a complete line of Electrical Generator Sets ranging from 2000kW systems to small portable units. We offer multiple fuel options including diesel, natural gas, propane, gasoline and dual-fuel (diesel and natural gas).

ENER-G Rudox is an authorized distributor for several principal engine lines including Mitsubishi, FPT (IVECO Aifo) and Lister Petter which we utilize in the custom generator sets that we design, engineer, manufacture, and service in our New Jersey headquarters. We’re also a distributor for FPT, HiPower, Lister Petter and Honda standard built generator set models.

Technical spec sheets for standby models are included in the tab below, and a complete range guide of product offerings is available here

ENER-G Rudox Standby Spec Sheets 

  • Mitsubishi
  • FPT
  • Lister Petter
  • Honda

Our Mitsubishi line covers large diesel and gas engines up to 2000 kW, which ENER-G Rudox has installed in many of our larger generator sets across the United States. While we offer many other sizes, below are our standard spec sheets.


Product Spec Sheets

1800 RPM Lean Burn Natural Gas















We use FPT products extensively in our mid-size generator sets. We’ve also used the FPT engines in our rental fleet for more than a decade. They have a proven track record for fuel economy, reliability and performance. While we offer many other sizes, below are our standard spec sheets.


Product Spec Sheets

RI 300

RI 350

RI 400

RI 700

RI 125

RI 135

RI 150

RI 200

RI 250


HIPOWER has the reputation as having one of the best sound attenuated enclosures in the industry and their equipment is not only used in our rental fleet but in a wide variety of our custom build applications. While we offer many other sizes, below are our standard spec sheets.


Product Spec Sheets

HYW-9 T6

HYW-14 T6

HYW-20 T6

HYW-25 T6

HYW-35 T6

HYW-45 T6

HPW-50 T6

HPW-65 T6

HPW-82 T6

HPW-100 T6

HPW-145 T6

HPW-155 T6

HPW-465 T6

HPW-515 T6

HPW-555 T6


HFW-90 T6

HFW-135 T6

HFW-150 T6

HFW-200 T6

HFW-250 T6

HFW-290 T6

HFW-350 T6











Lister Petter has been manufacturing generator sets since 1908 and their equipment is used in every one of the world’s generator set markets. Whether the application is prime or standby, land or marine, military or commercial, mobile or stationary, the Lister Petter generator set can be found.

Additional Information

Alpha LLD Technical Data Sheet

At the lower kW band, we offer Honda Power Equipment’s commercial line. Honda gasoline portable sets have a proven record for reliability in a variety of applications including construction, recreational, rental and commercial. Rudox markets the commercial line of Honda generator sets which are designed for durability and to stand up to heavy duty usage and rebuilds if needed, as opposed to the disposable units found at many retail stores.


Additional Information

Honda Portable Generator Brochure