Energy Service Agreements

Energy service Agreements, also known as Energy Service Performance Contracts provide customers with a holistic approach to energy efficiency by leveraging multiple cutting-edge technologies, and allow customers to procure the best equipment without capital outlay.

Energy saving pigg bank with light bulb

Energy Services Performance Contract (ESPC)

ENER-G Rudox will, using a range of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) including Combined Heat & Power, guarantee annual savings to the customer’s energy and operational budgets. A proportion of the savings can then be “recycled” to cover the cost of implementing and operating the ECM’s throughout the ESA/ESPC contract term, typically 10 or 15 years

This type of contract provides customers with:

  • Guaranteed savings and levels of service delivery
  • Zero capital outlay solution to maintenance back-log issues
  • Proven method to reduce site energy consumption with no capital outlay
  • Carbon reductions
  • Incorporation of low / zero carbon technology

If you think an ESA/ESPC may be suitable for you or would like further advice, then contact us