Vishnu Barran on CT CHP Panel

ENER-G Rudox’s Vishnu Barran will take part in a CHP Dinner and Discussion on Monday, March 16th at the New Haven Country Club. The event is being led by CSI, in collaboration with O,R,& L Construction, and will address topics ranging from CHP operating costs to “Black Start” capabilities. 

Mr. Barran has over 15 years of experience in the energy management industry, and has developed dozens of commercial and industrial CHP projects on both sides of the Atlantic. He has worked for ENER-G for 6 years, the last 3 of which he has been based out of ENER-G Rudox in New York City. Prior to his time at ENER-G, he spent 4 years at ACDP Integrated Energy Solutions and 8 years at Foster Wheeler. 

Other panelists include: 

  • Todd Renz – O,R&L Construction Corp.
  • Vincent Chiocchio – Controlled Air
  • Rick Ross – CEFIA/CT Clean Energy Fund
  • Steve Wilson – Power Island Energy
  • Ed Carey – Good Energy

For more information on the CHP Dinner and Discussion, please contact